Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pictures

Here are some pictures from this week:

Kaitlyn & Andrew on the "hunt" earlier this week

Visiting the Bunny--Kaitlyn insisted we go!

Kyle had some friends over to dye eggs on Easter Saturday.

Easter morning. He Is Risen & the kids are digging in! The big boys still want a basket, but it only has a few of their favorites. The girls slept with spongy hair rollers.

Even the dogs got some new chewy bones.

All dressed up for Mass. Here are the "babies"


Big Boys--Reid recently purchased the Leprechaun hat on clearance--don't worry--he didn't wear it to church!

All together, even pup.

Mom & Dad

It was also Brian's 20th Birthday! More to celebrate.

We wish you all a Blessed Easter Season!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Triduum Reflection

I wanted to post some kind of meditation to ponder for these most Holy days of our faith which are upon us. But, I realized this morning when I opened my email that Father John Corapi had already done that for me. After reflecting on the state of our world, especially our country and the feelings of anxiety & hopelessness that we may feel, he offers these wonderful words:

During Holy Week we celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over all of this avalanche of sin, Satan, and death. He nailed it to the Cross. “Dying He destroyed our death. Rising He restored our life.” It is necessary that we enter into the Paschal mystery one person at a time, fully and seriously. Live in a state of grace. Do not persist in sin, for your life and mine is shorter than we think. The only way a family, a school, a parish, a city, a country, or a world can be healed is one person at a time.

All of the suffering and darkness of Good Friday finds its meaning in the burst of Light that is Easter morning. All of the fear, the insecurity, and the uncertainty; all of the betrayal, the mockery, and the suffering are vanquished by the glory of the Cross. No pain, no gain! No cross, no crown! No battle, no glory.

So stop worrying! Trust the Lord Jesus...After all, He is the Savior, and only He is the Savior. Place your trust in Him. All of this is really small potatoes. It simply provides a proving ground for saints. That’s all. We have no lasting dwelling in this valley of tears. It is the crucible wherein imperfect human beings are transformed by the fire of trial and the power of grace into the pure gold of God’s holy ones.

In the twinkling of an eye this will be over and we’ll stand before Jesus, Who will wipe away every tear, and having been faithful to our Faith we’ll hear those beautiful words:“Well done my good and faithful servant! Now at last enter into the joy of your Master’s house.”

A blessed Holy Week to you, and may the Light and glory of Easter comfort you in your struggles and confirm you in your faith.

Fr. John Corapi

I hope you all can participate in some Triduum services offered at your parishes this week and after feeding our souls, we can all rejoice on Easter Sunday "Alleluia, He Is Risen!"