Sunday, June 7, 2009

May Madness

The much anticipated month of May is over-with. Our calendar was filled with so many end of year happenings, it's been a whirlwind of activity and fun. We only had one unexpected glitch--Mike ended up in the hospital for 3 days starting on Mother's Day. We were told by the paramedics, ER nurses, & cardiologist that he was having a heart attack--not might be--WAS!!! He was rushed up to have a heart catheterization, but thankfully, all was well and it was NOT a heart attack. What he has is pericarditits--inflammation in the lining around the heart-- from a virus he had at the time. It mimics a heart attack from the chest pain to the EKG & blood tests, so the way to rule it out is to go in and take a look. He is recovering nicely and has to take it easy for 3 months. Other than that, I'd like to share pictures of the happy events that took place this month.

Reid's JROTC Banquet

After Final Review, Brian
came home from Texas A&M
(these are from parents weekend)

We had visits from family. Here Pop-Pop
shows Andrew & Kaitlyn how to make
Pizzelles. He also made Biscottis, Irish Soda Bread
and Baked Ziti. We all ate too much!

Reid's Confirmation by Cardinal DiNardo.
Kyle was his sponsor.

Reid's Godparents, Tammy (Mike's sis) & Greg (Mike's bro),
came in for the sacrament. We enjoyed having
them visit us in Texas!

I found this picture of them all from
Reid's First Communion. Reid sure has grown,
what a difference 8 years makes!

I had a birthday...who's counting???

Michelle had her Spring Piano Recital

High School Graduation Day!

Mom, Dad, & Grad

Grandmom & Pop

Some of his friends
Kyle wanted to eat ribs to celebrate.
Can he eat that huge rack??

He did!

Kaitlyn tried to keep up

We're hoping for a relaxing summer!!