Friday, August 6, 2010

Daybook "Down the Shore"--yep, we really say that!

Outside my window:
I am sitting on the deck of the shore house, 3 stories up, the sky is clear blue with the sea breeze blowing lightly on me. It's going to be a nice beach day.

I am listening to:
Cars whizz by me on the street below and seagulls chirping in the background.

I am grateful for:
Time away from the daily grind, a change of scenery, and the chance for my younger kids to make memories at the beach with their cousins.

I am thankful for:
My family and our good health. A teen that my son knew from elementary school days passed away yesterday from cancer. He was 17. Last summer when we were visiting here in NJ at the seashore, he came to visit us with 3 of my son's other friends. It was exactly a year ago this week. He looked healthy, said he was in remission.....

I am pondering:
What a difference a year can make! Live each day to the fullest, make amends for wrong-doings, pray!!!

I am reading:
Summer vacation twaddle!! I loaded my Kindle with free books before we left. I did pay for one and I must recommend it "The Glass Castle-- a memoir" by Jeannette Walls. An amazing story of growing up in poverty and rising above--loved it!!

I am thinking:
That I miss my husband!! We've never been separated for more than a week in our 22 year marriage and I wish he could be sharing this vacation with me.

On my iPod:
Before we left for vacation, Michelle and I filled my iPod (finally) with all my favorite CDs. It's such a luxury for me to bring my tunes along wherever I go. I know--finally getting caught up to the rest of the "plugged-in" generation. Better late than never....

Toward Rhythm & Beauty:
The unstructured rhythm of vacation is a nice break. I've been able to jog or exercise on a bike most days and that feels great! Sitting in a beach chair watching the waves crash on the shoreline sure has a rhythm to it, lol! I love sitting with my feet in the water in a low chair while reading a novel, feeling the sun beating down on me--does it get any better than that? Oh--I'm getting a nice tan too!

I am hoping & praying:
For Derek's family. Please pray for them--I can't imagine their pain. I went to Derek's my space page last night. A large picture of Jesus was posted with his words "someone I would most like to meet". His quotes were from the Bible and messages of living life to the fullest. Words you don't see often on a 17 yr. old's blog. I am hoping Derek's wish has come true....

In the garden:
Mike said he'd be pruning back the palm trees this week. My flowers...I haven't seen for 10 days and I've forgotten to remind Mike to water them. Hmmmm, wonder what I'll find upon my return.

Around the house:
I've been told that it's been vacuumed & mopped. Mike's been doing minor repairs that he never has time to do. He tells me it looks great and I'm sure it does!!

From the kitchen:
We've been eating out or ordering in every day. That's been a treat! Hoping my waistline can take it!!

A picture I'm sharing:
What do you do after feeding the them, of course!!