Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Saints Go Marching In

Dress up this year has never been so much fun for the kids. We did the usual Halloween stuff--talking about what to dress as all year long and then picking something from the costume trunk at the last minute. The kids came home with their most successful candy load since we've been here. (and no jalapeno flavored candies this year, yea!!) Along with all this fun, a couple days later Michelle, Andrew, & Kaitlyn got to dress up as a favorite saint at our homeschool group's All Saints Party. This is what I wanted to share with y'all (Texas accent).
One generous family in our group opened their farm property to all of us. We set up little games for the kids to rotate thru--all with saint themes like St. Martha's Bake Shop (decorate your own cookie), toss the halo on Mary, St. Peter's fishing boat, St. Paul's missionary journey (tractor ride), and many more. Everyone brought food to share and the kids collected little prizes or candy from each activity. The highlight was the All Saints Parade where the kids got to show off the patron they dressed as.
Getting ready to go: Michelle is St. Agnes (13 yr. old martyr), Andrew is St. Francis of Assisi, Kaitlyn is Blessed Jacinta Marto (youngest seer from Fatima)

Mary, holding baby Jesus, led the parade with the Popemobile close behind.

Here they come:

We had such a nice time celebrating the holy people we strive to be like, and also remembering the souls who've gone on before us that we need to pray for. The evening ended with a perfect sunset and a cross of clouds in the sky.
When we got home, the kids emptied their prize bags on the table. They each got a card of St. Anthony of Padua that was given out at one of the games. They also got lots of candy and religious trinkets. Two more holy cards were found in the mix. We're not sure who's bag they came out of or what game they came from. They were the only other saint cards we came home with. We marveled at the names on the cards: St. Clare & St. Helena. A little sign for us to know that our little saint was with us enjoying all the fun too!!


WICatholic said...

Oh, my! "We marveled at the names on the cards: St. Clare & St. Helena. A little sign for us to know that our little saint was with us enjoying all the fun too!!"

What a treasure!

God bless!

Neen said...

Suzi thank you for sharing that. You kiddos looked wonderful. I hated that we missed that activity and I love seeing the pictures.

Lee said...

OH!! HOW COOL IS THAT??!! Little St. Clare-Helena was with you all the whole time!!

And how neat for someone to open up their farm and such a great way to celebrate the saints!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your joy! It's good to find it wherever we can.

Spring Hailstorm said...

Suzi -- I'm so glad you got a picture of that cross in the sky!!!! It was amazing; a great way to top off a wonderful day at the ranch! Your blog is wonderful!!