Friday, July 11, 2014

Puppies and Swim Team-- Yup, that's my summer!

The fourth of July was last weekend. When I lived in NJ, this holiday signified the official beginning of summer. Usually kids had been out of school about 2 weeks (or less) and summer rhythms were being formulated. Here in TX, by the time the fourth rolls around we are in the middle of extreme heat, looong summer days have been felt for quite some time and some of us are already dreaming of cool fall evenings. The little ones have been finished their school year since before Memorial Day, so it's about time to start thinking about a summer tune up--- can you say math fact reviews and reading logs?

Our summer has been busy. Since the kids started swim team some 17-18 years ago, there is never a total relaxation when school lets out. It's more of coordination of practice times and Saturday swim meets. Texas has kicked it up a notch-- swim meets here start earlier and last until mid-afternoon. Since the heat/humidity is a little taste of what hell must be like, it's much more draining (on those of us who aren't cooling off in the water--parents!). With Andrew in his second year of competitive year-round swimming, the summer season doesn't just run April-June, but extends another whole month until the end of July-- Yippee!! On the upside--Kyle once again coached the summer league and Andrew and Kaitlyn were participants. Andrew broke 3 individual team records and 2 relay ones. Fun for parents! If you do have to suffer  enjoy watching your kids on swim team, at least it's more exciting having them beat records! Kyle drew rave reviews from parents and really is in his element when coaching and Kaitlyn is there for the fun.
Kaitlyn at the start!

Andrew has sculpted some swimming muscles this year!

Those important turns!

Coach Kyle
Celebrating an undefeated season! 

 Now for the puppies. Since I don't have any toddlers or pre-schoolers running around my home and it's hard to turn off 25 years of running a household filled with the chaos that ensues while raising a litter large family, I have subjected us for the past 3 years to rescuing puppies,or taking in pregnant mama dogs left at the shelter. Providing the  "The Home for Wayward Pregnant Dogs" and "the Mama to Mama Dogs" as
I have been called. Our latest mama-to-be arrived late March, gave birth to 8 healthy puppies (including one I had to revive at birth--whole other story), and started being adopted out at 7 weeks of age. Unfortunately, mama dog became very ill shortly after weaning the pups and didn't survive.( Difficult-- I don't want to focus on this except to say, "please  don't neglect your pets!") At first the pups were going like hot cakes. Even though I couldn't attend any of the rescue group's weekend adoption events ( see above paragraph for explanation!), the internet and word-of-mouth publicity seemed to be doing the job! Until the last puppy, we call her Dahlia, was left. Poor little Dally has been with us over 3 weeks, alone, and now thinks we're her forever family! She's had some internet interest and even went home for 3 days with a family, but for one reason or another, the adoptions haven't been a good fit. Today, hopefully, is her lucky day! A family is coming in a few hours. I believe they will like her and take her home, but she's not an 8 week old fur ball anymore. She's 3 1/2 months of chewing, running, barking, and all-over mischievous puppyhood rolled into one! She chases our cat-- these people have 2! She plays hard with our 2-year old 50 lb. lab mix; they have a 6 yr. old dachshund. I am praying this works for their family and they'll fall in love with her sweet cuddles and licky-licks! I love when I can have a small part of bringing joy to a family as they adopt one of the puppies I 'saved' by fostering, but mostly..... I love these little guys, but I need a break!!

So, with the last puppy hopefully going home today and only two more weekends of swim meets, my relaxation will soon start!!! Happy Summer!!!

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