Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Little Cowgirl

About 6 weeks ago, our family got to experience something truly "Texas". We spent the day at the Houson Livestock & Rodeo--the largest rodeo in the world! Yep, these yankees pulled out the denim and most of us (except a few protesters) wore cowboy boots. The show was fantastic and so entertaining the Drewy was literally on the edge of his seat the whole time. We spent alot of time checking out the many, many different breeds of cows, getting up close to the longhorns, and watching chicks hatching out of their eggs right in front of us. It seems these city folks couldn't get enough of the baby farm animals and most of our time was spent in the two petting zoos. They also had some atypical farm animals to see, including baby kangaroos and an adorable 3 month old zebra. It was here that I realized Kaikee is a true Texan. How many of us ever get close enough to pet a zebra let alone actually sit on one? Not many! Well, this baby zebra was being walked thru the convention center and we all surrounded her to take pictures. The handler pointed to Kaitlyn. "You, only you're small enough to sit on her," and up she went for a once in a lifetime experience. We were all so excited. "Kate, you rode a zebra! Did you like it?" Her lip puffed out and eyebrows furrowed, " I wanted to ride a pony!!" Perhaps someday she'll appreciate it!

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