Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now This is Texan!

Shortly after moving here, we learned about the great rivalry between Univ. of Texas (Longhorns) & Texas A&M (Aggies). While silly at times to see adult alumni "duking it out" over loyalty to their school, it's also extremely entertaining. It didn't take us long to get caught up in the fun. Our oldest is in his second year at Texas A&M. Not only is he a student, but he is in the prestigious Corp of Cadets, the keepers of the Aggie Spirit. We now thoroughly enjoy all things Aggie!

We love that the school continues to follow an Honor Code used at the great Military Academies in the USA. We also love the school traditions, the fact that they are known as the friendliest college in the country, and their openness to family involvement. Each outfit in the Corp hosts a family picnic on home football game days where we munch on BBQ brisket & ribs and socialize with the other family members. We then are allowed to go into the Corp dorms (holes) and watch the upperclassmen call out the freshman (Fish). It's out in the quad after that to watch the band parade by and the entire Corp march past. We love it! Here's some of the experience we had at the first home game this weekend. (too bad they lost)

"Fish" lined up against the wall while the upperclassmen inspect them:

Out on the quad:

Brian is second one in the first row from right.

The kids pose in front of the cannon with one of the soldiers:

The cannon shot starts the festivities:

Brian's company marching by:

All the kids giving the Army Thumbs-Up! Gig 'Em, Aggies!!


Janet said...

Gig 'em Aggies!!!! WHOOP!!!

WICatholic said...

Nice pictures! I am sorry to hear that they lost the game, too.

God bless!

Lee said...

Oh what fun!! Now I'm going to have to figure out how to post my own videos to my blog! lol!! Just curious, now, is this like ROTC? that helps pay for college? My nephew attended Notre Dame with ROTC, so they paid for college, and now he's finishing up his time owed to the Navy, currently in San Diego.

WICatholic said...

I never even NOTICED that there was a video! WOW... I'll have to learn that, too!

God bless!