Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not Olympic Gymnastics

Michelle has worked hard for over 3 years as a competitve gymnast. This summer, she waited until the midnight hour to attain all her skills to move up to Level 6. But, the good news is, she made it and enjoyed her second meet this weekend. She won 2nd. Place All-Around and was happy with all her results. Level 6 is fun because the girls start to do no-hand tumbling on the floor and their first release move in their dismount on the bars. Here's a little sample of her floor rountine. Sorry it is so far away, there is no zoom in my movie-mode. When you hear the music start, you'll begin to see her better. Enjoy:


Spring Hailstorm said...

WOW! Michelle did a fantastic job -- it's very clear how hard she's working. You go, girl!!! Wish I could still move like that -- I think they call my old lady moves "stumbling" instead of "tumbling"! :)
God bless,

Janet said...

Move over Nastia - Michelle is heading your direction!! By the way Suzi, that wasn't the post I was expecting!!