Sunday, February 1, 2009


During our visit to the northeast over the holidays, we were introduced to a "tradition" that somehow escaped us when we lived there. Kyle came back from spending an evening with his buddies and told us about "Manuary". He explained: during the entire month of January, men (including teens who think they are "man-worthy") are to let their facial hair grow and see what they end up with. In other words, how manly they are. He challenged his two teen brothers & father to give it a go.

The whole vacation, they all tossed their razors aside and got scruffy! Brian & Reid's growth didn't last long. Both are in ROTC programs, so upon returning back to school they were forced to give in to shaving or else be in big trouble! Kyle, who tends to be the least hairy of all, used the excuse that as a swimmer who shaves his arms & legs before big meets, facial hair is a definite no-no in his sport.

So, that left Mike, who gave it a try. He tends to be baby-faced and always told he looks much younger than his age. A few people at work told him that with his Manuary hair, he looked older. He took these as positive remarks and felt he'd get more respect on the job. I laughed and said if a woman changed her appearance and was told she looked older, it would definitely NOT be taken as a complement!!

Here are Before & After pictures:

So, you decide, Manuary or not!!!


Janet said...

yep, older and gruffer, kinda like a motorcycle manly man..... his new name shall be mannie

Lee said...

Handsome guy, Suzi! hhhmmm... can't decide which is "better" though : ) Don shaved off his mustache about six? it think?... years ago and it was the wierdest thing for awhile... like "Who are you, and what did you do with my husband?" lol!! I had NEVER seen him without it! But now that I'm used to the "Clean" look, I prefer it. And he likes that he's told he looks YOUNGER! He got his white hair pretty early, so he enjoys any opportunity where people say he looks "younger"! : )