Monday, May 31, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Marching....

I've blogged before about the Texas phenomena of rival universities--specifically Univ of Texas (Longhorns) & Texas A&M (Aggies), and how people go a bit overboard with their loyalty to a specific school. It is comical to observe the rituals of the alumni, and we chuckled along with fellow bystanders till our son became an Aggie 3 years ago. I can't speak for the other school, but learning what it means to be an Aggie has been both an education and a pleasure for our family. We definitely have become believers in this university and what it stands for--that is Integrity (with a capital "I")! Although Mike and I don't bleed maroon, we'd be proud of any of our kids who do!

At the end of junior year, cadets in the Corp, as Brian is, earn their boots. They are custom fitted to each cadet starting freshman year. Cadets wear the boots everyday of their senior year and they connote respect and honor of each soldier.

At Final Review each May, the Corp marches as their current unit, passes, then the graduating seniors dress down out of full uniform, and juniors get to don their senior boots for their first official Pass & Review. The Corp then repeats the march with each cadet now sporting their new class uniform, including boots if you are now a senior. Here are some snippets of this exciting day:

New seniors strutting in their boots

Brian (on right) with buddy, Nathan, showing off their boots
Close-up of Brian's. Each cadet chooses different insignias

Andrew & Kaitlyn "play" with the spurs!

First march in senior boots!!

Other Aggie traditions we enjoy--the internationally recognized Aggie Ring. Brian earned his last month.

The "Fighting Aggie Band"

Aggie Calvary:

School mascot, Reveille the dog.

Here she is!!!

Brian's Outfit

Gig 'em, Aggies!!!


Neen said...

Congrats to Brian. That is big from what I hear. Getting use to life in Texas has been so eye opening but well worth all the lessons. Our first tour of A&M ended with a Senior talking to us about the boots. It is really cool!

WI Catholic said...

Congratulations to Brian!

I found this to be very interesting, Suzi! I never knew any of it.