Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Bummer

It has been a while since I last posted. Unfortunately our computer crashed completely in May and while we hope to resurrect it soon for the kids to use, we went a few weeks without a home PC. I now have a laptop all my own.

Don't think I had tons of down- time without the constant beckon of the family PC luring me over to check my email or "surf-around". Nope, I spent the better part of the past three weeks nursing my big 'ol college son through illness.

Brian came home from school mid-May with the hopes of finally relaxing without having the upperclassmen in the Corp constantly breathing down his neck or worrying about his next exam. I let him lounge for about a week before starting to strongly urge him to "find a job" and "sign up for a summer class" at the local community college. During week two, he finally got motivated to follow mom's advice. He signed up for two classes in the first summer session and started to apply for jobs. It was a few days later when he told me he didn't feel well. I popped the thermometer in his mouth and watched it register 102.......this was for real.

As the days progressed, he got worse, was put on antibiotics, tested positive for hepatitis, and spiked temperatures to almost 105 during one night. That night I had to sponge his torso and head down reminding me of the tepid baths we used to give him when he was a sick baby. Even 19 years later, the mom/nurse role continues. The sickness continued as his throat became something from a horror movie and then he woke up covered with a rash from head to toe. I would post pictures, but honestly, you would not want to see them!!

After 4 doctor visits we finally got all the test results and found that he has mononucleosis! The rash was caused by the antibiotics and the hepatitis is , thankfully, caused only by the mono and will not cause permanent damage. Three weeks and 15 pounds lighter, Brian is finally starting to feel better and actually gets up out of bed during the day. Obviously, he had to postpone his classes and probably won't get a decent job for the summer as he works to gain energy before returning back to school and the rigors of the Corp in mid-August.

Poor Brian, I'm sure this summer will not turn out to be the relaxing leisure break he had hoped for, but I'm sure it'll be one summer he'll never forget!!!

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