Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Swim Season

While most areas of the country are just starting their summer swim seasons, ours will be ending with the individual championship meet this weekend. We start in early May to try and beat the intense summer heat which is already upon us. So, in a couple days, we can finally slow down a bit, have some free weekends, and hopefully become a little bored!!!

Last night our team, the Seals, had a fantastic end of the season bash. There are over 260 team members and as these pictures show, our 3 swimming boys were recognized above and beyond most of their team-mates. A night that makes all those early morning practices and endless Saturday meets worth the effort!

Kyle was recognized with a trophy as "High Point Scorer" for his age group and also received plaques for setting 3 new individual team records. After 8 years of competitive swimming, Reid finally mastered all 4 strokes and pushed himself for faster times. He received a trophy for the "Most Improved" in his age group.

Andrew proudly received a trophy for the "Coaches Award" given to the kid who works the hardest in practice and always does what the coaches ask. After we explained what the trophy was given for, he said, "anyone can get the high point trophy, mine's more important because I have to work hard all the time!" We hope it hasn't gone to his head!!

Our well-decorated table!!! Congratulations Boys!!!!

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