Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank You To Those Who Serve

I was recently sent the video below and hope that you will take the time to watch it. (it is short, but meaningful). Memorial Day is recently behind us and Independence Day will soon be here. It's fun to celebrate a day off from work and picnic with our neighbors, but how often do we consider the brave men & women who leave their loved ones behind to go off to foreign & dangerous lands to fight for freedom. We're all aware of what a hot button issue the war in Iraq will be this upcoming fall as we vote for a new president. No matter how you stand on the war issue, it's important to think about the young servicemen & women fighting far from home. I married into a family that has a long history of United States Military Service. It's amazing to see how the red, white, & blue continues to run through our family's veins. My oldest son is commissioned to serve in the Army in 3 years after he graduates college. Another son wants nothing but to join the Army after high school. As a mother, I often wonder where their strong patriotism comes from. We've never pushed them for a military career and yet it is their only immediate desire. We've probably all been in situations where servicemen/women have been in our midst. I've seen them dressed in uniform in restaurants, grocery stores, & the mall. While the thought of acknowledging their sacrifice and bravery did occur to me, I can't say that I've acted on that impulse. After watching this video, I hope we all will not only notice them but give them the gratitude they deserve. Please watch:

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